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Assembly Protection Systems

Quality Focused


HardGuard is proud to announce that our Quality Management System has been certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, with no exclusions, as of July 2017.

HardGuard is the only damage reduction protector supplier to be ISO certified for the design, engineering, and manufacturing of ISD damage protection solutions specifically.

When you choose HardGuard, you choose quality.

Why HardGuard?


HardGuard assembly protection systems have been the auto industry's leading mutilation protectors for over 25 years.  With a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, our product line is always expanding and adapting to meet the needs of assembly plants across the world.  By eliminating incidents of chip, scratch, and dent, HardGuard improves your assembly plant's efficiency by increasing output and reducing costly rework.                  


Let us develop a custom solution for you today.


we love to create


As a division of Apogee Designs, Ltd., a product design and engineering company, every HardGuard part is engineered using the same rigorous process as the over 1,000 products we have successfully launched into the global marketplace.


customer focus


Our customers require the highest level of design freedom and creativity in their specialized solutions. In order to accomplish this, HardGuard is committed to continual investments in technology to achieve our collective vision.


unique approach


HardGuard does not, and will never, employ brokers in our process. Your HardGuard sales representative will always have direct access and involvement in production decisions that affect your project.


Global Presence


Since 1992, we have grown from supporting one truck assembly plant, to now producing and supporting product internationally in more than 15 countries, 38 assembly plants, with over 60 active protection programs. We perform our best work when we are able to collaborate with your team, in your production environment.